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Integrated Marketing Communications

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The Marketing Wheel
Marketing tools working in harmony to create a more powerful campaign

A fundamental process to achieve effective and successful marketing solutions

The following information is based on practical experience gained over a period of thirty years working in private industry, for both small and medium size businesses as well as multi-national companies. My background is industrial design engineering but my career path took me into marketing environments where this knowledge has been gained.

This experience has concluded that Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a strategic platform, it is the essence of marketing and provides the foundation of all marketing activity within any organisation, whether within a government institution, a corporation or large, medium or small business.

Marketing academics may provide valuable texts about the importance of gathering, analysing and recording marketing data or the development of brand and strategy, but these subject areas, they are the microcosms that fall within the confines of the integrated marketing platform.

Why Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)?

The objective of all marketing is to increase sales and profitability of the services or products that an organisation or company offers. These establishments will use a variety of promotional materials such as TV, radio, press advertising, web sites, social media, exhibitions and many more, the diagram above illustrates most of the marketing sub-divisions that exist within the marketing wheel.

In order to maximise the effectiveness and success of these communication tools, it is necessary to implement the theory and practice of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Understanding the concept of IMC is fundamental for everyone involved in #sales, marketing, production and distribution within #manufacturing, and #service industries. It also applies to those employed in #design, including #fashion, #product, #graphics or any form of #visual communications activity, whether a #student, #graduate, #company employee , #sales professional or company #director.

Although we are in a 'new' #digital age and marketing appears to revolve primarily around the #internet, #social media, and #mobile technology, the long standing, conventional principles of integrated marketing remain as important today as they did twenty five or even fifty years ago.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a simple and practical approach, it ensures that all forms of communication are carefully linked together, conveying consistent, disciplined messages across all promotional methods, so that they work together in harmony.

When these communications tools work together they provide more efficient and effective marketing solutions as opposed to working in isolation. In other words, the sum of their effectiveness is greater than their individual parts – providing they relate consistently with one another, all the time.

Advanced Integrated Marketing?

Generally, in large corporations IMC can become more complex when it goes beyond the basic communications tools, IMC can be divided into sub-sections in order for Marketing Directors to focus on each specific division of the company. These areas can apply to both internal and external marketing functions and are normally identified as: Horizontal, Data, Vertical, Internal, and External Integrations. However, for the purposes of this article, these topics will be covered at a later date.

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