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Digital signage helps to sell products in a retail environment

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Digital signage is transforming how products and services are sold in public spaces and it is a new, cost-effective way to make selling them easier. There’s a wide variety of displays available, android advertising displays, ultra high brightness monitors for window displays to smaller point of sale (POS) displays for queues and payment areas that can create a cohesive and exciting signage solution for retail stores. Here are some of the reasons and benefits of how digital signage can help to promote and sell products in store?

More dynamic

Digital signage is a modern alternative solution to printed signage as it allows proprietors to say and do much more. In comparison, conventionally printed signs are static from the moment they are displayed, they are not dynamic and messages do not change until the poster itself is changed. Whereas digital signage is designed to keep changing, it is dynamic and captivating, continually conveying a constant flow of messages about a product or promotion. It can utilise multiple scrolling images and videos and live web sites; thereby digital signage provides the canvas to sell products and services in a much more vibrant and persuasive way.

Attention grabbing

Due to the static nature of conventional print, this makes it difficult to grab customer’s attention irrespective to how many bright colours or large fonts are used. In contrast, digital signage is always in motion, forever changing imagery and content encouraging the customer to pay attention to the screen. Content can be updated immediately with new and current messages that give customers tangible reasons to buy now by promoting up-to-the-minute deals while they are in store. This can create a sense of urgency and the possibility of a deal that is only available at the time they are in your premises.

More cost effective

It is also a more long term cost effective solution when compared to conventional print signage, alleviating the costs and time associated with having to get new signs printed and delivered to multiple locations when stores need to update their promotional messages. For those stores which have multiple locations digital signage allows the creation of a network of dynamic commercial displays that are connected to the internet though a CMS (Content Management System). This allows directors and managers to update their screens almost instantly with the click of a mouse. This also saves time constantly changing printed posters with new ones allowing staff members more time to focus on selling products.

Stronger branding

Digital signage provides the opportunity to communicate directly to customers helping to convey the brand message and company ideals while massively helping to set the atmosphere of your retail stores. There are no rules to what can or can’t be displayed, from energetic and animated product videos to demure and sophisticated typography based images. Digital signage allows the projection of your brand’s voice in the way you want.

Greater versatility

Digital signage can be quickly and easily tweaked and updated, for example, different poster designs for a new product or promotion can be tested in store to see which one works more effectively. Digital signage provides the opportunity to test out different messages and monitor the sales reaction, providing live feedback that is invaluable to retailers and can help influence future advertising and marketing decisions.

An extra sales person for free!

Digital signage could be considered as an extra salesperson on the shop floor constantly communicating many sales messages, product benefits or special offers as customers browse around the store. Digital signage in shop windows or on exterior walls work tirelessly 24/7 to help sell products or services.

Retail stores, no matter what they sell, have started to recognise what an important tool this can be when trying to sell. The versatility it allows lets retailers present products at their best to consumers. Retail stores have been trying to fight back against the lure of online shopping and have to think of new and exciting ways to sell when customers leave their houses, digital signage is a solution to this, providing an effective and dynamic method of promoting products in any retail space.

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