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'All-in-One' Digital Signage wins Queen's award

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Digital signage - up to 50% cost saving with

‘All-in-One’ Solutions

Since the birth of Digital Signage the market has been extremely fragmented. Typically Digital Signage integrators, resellers and distributors would source the conventional components of a solution (a commercial screen, media player and CMS software) from three separate sources. This process has many pitfalls, namely: compatibility, installation and support.

Our solution

To avoid these problems we provide ‘All-in-One’ Digital Signage solutions which have been developed to provide one, single complete solution for users. As a main UK distributor we only supply hardware and software from one single source of commercial displays with a built-in media player while also developing software which is used in conjunction with our hardware.

More cost effective

This provides the additional benefit where ‘All-in-One’ solutions are not only easier to supply, install and support but are also much more cost effective when compared with solutions from separate suppliers. Using over a decade of industry experience, research and development we have developed a range of plug and play and network ‘All-in-One’ solutions making our innovative products much more streamlined and user-friendly saving up to 50% in cost compared to traditional suppliers who provide hardware and software from separate sources.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise

In 2017 our systems manufacturer was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for ‘All-in-One’ Digital Signage solutions. This ‘All-in-One’ solution means that anybody, regardless of budget or IT resources can use our systems as they are extremely easy to integrate and use.

‘All-in-One’ Digital Signage solutions are undoubtedly the most cost effective and user-friendly approach to commercial display projects. For more information on our ‘All-in-One’ solutions get in touch with us today on +44 (0)121 569 7785 or email gary210315@gmail.com.

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